The 5 things I’ve learnt from living with girls at uni

It’s been eye opening

I have been at university now for almost one year and a half. I moved in last year to a flat of two boys and three girls, but I don’t have a sister so I’ve never lived with girls before. I have learnt a lot since then – and maybe too much – about living with girls. So, here’s the things you will DEFINITELY come across if you’re in the same boat as I am:

1 – Mess. Everywhere. All The Time.

Think that boys are always messy and girls keep their rooms tidy and clean 24/7? That stereotype couldn’t be more wrong.

Girls are messier than boys by far, whether its the stack of plates piling up in the corner of a room and growing mould or whether it’s the makeup stains on the desk (and everywhere else).

2 – You’ll find hair in every corner of the house

Plug holes, the floor, the bath… just three places you’re going to find long strands of hair.

I understand this is something that just happens. But why do I keep finding hair in the weirdest of places?

3 – AT LEAST 3 hours notice for a night out

Very last minute night out? Never heard of it. Girls take SO long to get changed. It’s washing the hair, makeup, clothes, shaving…

It’s a never ending process. So I’ve had to learn to sit back, put music on and wait until the last 10 minutes of their routine for me to get changed.

Oh – and once you’re all ready to go out and you’ve just poured your first cheap vodka mixer, in the distance you will hear someone shout “Aw let’s get a photo”. They never mean just one.

Imagine the amount of attempts to get this photo right

4 – More fairy lights than Blackpool Illuminations

Making your uni room feel like home and feel comfortable is very normal. I have lots of pictures of my mates on my walls so I don’t feel like I live in a prison cell.

However, girls’ go-to room accessory is fairy lights. I have spent hours blue tacking and pinning these bastards to the wall so the room looks ‘pretty’.

There’s even fairy lights in the kitchen

5 – Random bursts into song is a normal, everyday thing

We all love a bit of karaoke. We all love to have a sing with the speaker on full blast. But girls will suddenly burst into song all the time as if they are warming up for their headlining spot at Glastonbury.

Think you can get away from it in your own bedroom? Think again. Whether it’s Waterloo, Bohemian Rhapsody or Wonderwall you’re going to hear it. I have lost track of the times I’ve had to cover my ears from one of the girls attempting Beyonce.

I reckon I could sing to every one of these:

You’ll have fun

Living with girls has not been like I thought it was going to be. I’ve had fun, I’ve discovered how the other half lives, and learnt some valuable lessons.

They really are good fun to live with. Well, most of the time.


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