Has Geordie Shore changed representations of Newcastle and male and female teens?

Geordie Shore is a series that has been on our screens for 8 years now, and it has never been short of controversy. However, what has Geordie Shore done for stereotypes of male and females? And what has it done to Newcastle’s reputation as a city?

Geordie Shore back in Series 7 (when the show was growing in popularity)

Accessed via: https://static1.michael84.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/geordieshore-series7-shot7.jpg

When Geordie Shore first began in 2011, it was met with widespread criticism from people in the Newcastle area. Newcastle Central MP, Chi Onwrah, said that the show was “bordering on pornographic” and the local tourism board added that it featured various “outdated stereotypes”.

The show consists of men and women from Newcastle (or surrounding areas as they are running out of Geordies that are willing to act like this on television) living in a house together and pretty much getting drunk, fighting and partying 24/7.

Heres a video of some of Geordie Shores craziest fights… CONTENT WARNING

Last year, the show was reported to OFCOM (the company that regulate what we see on television and radio) due to claims that “nearly 80% of all scenes in the hit reality TV show contained alcohol” according to studies at Bath and Nottingham University.

Adam Collard, from Love Island 2018, even suggested that there’s a certain stereotype associated with Geordie Shore and that he wouldn’t go on, adding “I’ve got something between my ears”.

The recent batch of geordies – all the originals have moved on from the show
Accessed via: https://www.limepictures.com/images/Programmes/Featured_Programmes/Geordie_Shore/GS_S11_Group_Shot_Large.jpg

Although people have been outraged by the programme it has notably brought in some tourism for Newcastle, especially in the early years of the series.

However – the show does not do much for people in the Newcastle area, with the show suggesting that this is a typical look into a ‘Geordie’ life. The show promotes the idea that the women are dramatic and out of control, that the men only have one life aim (to find a girl) and that Geordie’s lives consist purely of going out and ‘getting mortal’.

This isn’t the case for the people on the show either as there has been ongoing rumours that the show is scripted.

It’s a very different show to what it was in its heyday… most of the original cast members have gone on to rid themselves of their Geordie Shore roots. Vicky Pattison, for example, has tried hard to wipe her image and start fresh, suggesting that the image and representation gained from the show is not a positive one.

So has it changed representations of Newcastle? I would say it has, although as the show has become more outrageous more people have erased the idea that this is a typical life of a young northerner.


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