Uni Life: partying over performance?

Whether it be at SOHO Rooms or Swingers, you can rely on the city of Newcastle to provide a night out any day of the week. But does the view that students are rowdy and rebellious still remain?

Is Newcastle the Uk’s drinking Capital?

Newcastle is a city that is renowned all over the UK for its nightlife. With a large mix of bars and nightclubs it appeals to both the wealthy students and those who can make a tenner last a lifetime.

But there is an ongoing debate about whether student culture and student life is nothing but negative. We spoke to some students about how they think they are represented at Newcastle.

“all they think we do is drink and don’t bother with uni, but we do”

Newcastle University Undergraduate Student

Students seem to think that the people of Newcastle think of them in a bad light, and that they are likely to be sick of the drunken antics of students throughout the year.

Is it a myth that students are represented poorly, or are the geordies genuinely sick of having to watch where they are walking so they don’t step in 7 hour old vomit?

Student Life can become stressful…

To get a better look at what life is like for a first year and how first years think they are represented, we spoke directly to a University student to see whether partying or performing is more important for this undergrad.

Aoife talks about what student life means to her

Aoife has experienced first hand what it’s like to be a fresher and has quickly realised that there is much more to uni life than drinking (no I’m not joking).

The ongoing work, the constant deadlines, the tiring revision… work seems to be piling up on first years causing some to crumble under the pressure.

Research has shown that 1 in 10 undergraduate students drop out of University before the start of their second year.

But is stress what causes student culture in the first place? I know that once a deadline is complete I’d be happy to pop down to Hobo and make the most of the 2for1.

“they just assume that first years are going to go wild”


Recently Newcastle University and drinking culture has been under some scrutiny due to the recent tragic events of the initiation ceremony that cost the life of Ed Farmer, a student at the University. This is an example of how representations of student culture have changed more recently, and how to stay safe when going out and drinking at uni.

Students have to take a break every once and a while

So even though student culture can have its drawbacks, it is still a good thing. Students work very hard and should be allowed to go out drinking without worrying about that 4pm deadline the next day. Most people have been through it, and most people really don’t care (as long as you don’t collapse on someone’s front garden in a state at 3am on a Tuesday.


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