In a world of negative COVID-19 news, let’s see how we can make the best out of a bad situation

Daily updates. Death Rates. Case Numbers. Constant reminders. The coronavirus has taken over mainstream media as we know it, with every publication and news channel hunting to find the next best angle on the virus.

It’s time to look at something positive. Whilst COVID19 is a horrible virus that has sadly taken the lives of many across the world, it’s important to look at the ways we can make the best out of a bad situation.

London is like a ghost town

Reconnecting Families

In times like this it’s important to keep in touch with those closest whilst socially isolating. Apps such as Houseparty and Zoom are being used everyday to keep those in touch.

Houseparty: an app that is helping the nation keep in touch

Time apart will help people appreciate things in life – and their relatives – more than ever before.

Apps like these are great for having fun with friends and family, especially those more isolated in society and who are living on their own. Who would’ve thought you’d be playing a pub quiz with Nanna over an app called HouseParty 3 months ago?

Air Quality

Although the UK has only been on lockdown for 3 weeks, the air quality in the country has improved significantly.

Recent data from the London Air Quality Network has revealed that there has already been a dramatic decrease from the average levels of NO2 and fine particles, even by as much as 50% in some cities.

European cities have also seen a decrease in Air Pollution levels, with places such as Milan and Madrid seeing a reduction in nitrogen dioxide levels.

Clear Water

The photos from Venice have trended around the world due to the clarity of the canals. There are no more boats from tourists, no more cruise ships entering nearby ports, and a significant lack of people.

Nature taking back Venice

However, this does not mean the water was polluted before. It is due to lack of motorised boats and their ability to churn up particles and sand from the sea bed.

Still, this is amazing to see.

Giving us time to do all the things we’ve put off for months

“I’ll do it next week” “I’ll do it next month” “It’s a job for the summer”

All quotes we’ve heard before. There are endless lists of things and jobs people have put off for a long time which can be done during lockdown.

Paint the bedroom. Build the desk. Weed the garden.

Your house should be looking the best it has ever when we come out the other side (who knows when that’ll be though).

And – most importantly – relaxing

There are thousands of shows to binge on Netflix, Disney +, Now TV (the list goes on)

Tiger King has been a huge hit with viewers

Now is the time to see those shows you have had on your ‘to watch list’ since 2016. Netflix are constantly releasing new content, with new series and movies landing each week.

Now is your chance to do that Harry Potter marathon you’ve always wanted.

So the message is…

Make the most out of your quarantine experience, and think of the positives. There will be an end to this.

Stay at Home, but do not watch the news for longer than 10 minutes a day.


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